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Caring for Latex Clothing

What to Avoid

  • Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on your latex garments, you should keep it away!
  • Extreme heat will melt latex. (Radiators, candles etc.)
  • Sunlight will cause discoloration! Light colors and transparent will easily discolor or stain! Do not expose latex to sunlight for a long period.
  • Water and high humidity can destroy and discolor latex. Latex is a natural product and can rot. So keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it!
  • Metal, including pennies etc. will stain the latex. Avoid ugly spots and keep the latex away from it.
  • Nicotine will stain the latex. If you are strong smoker and like to wear white, light colors and transparent latex, then remember to wash your hands in between to avoid ugly yellow spots.
  • Sharp objects, including long fingernails, can easy tear your latex garment. Be careful when you put on your clothing.
  • Sweat will damage latex in the long run.  Obviously nobody can avoid sweating while wearing latex, so remember to wash your garment immediately after wearing it to keep it clean.
  • Leather can also damage and weaken your latex.  The concerns about leather are the oils that remain during the production process of the garments.  This is not always a problem, but some have reported the issue.

    Washing Your Latex

      Fill your bathtub, a bucket or whatever you have available with some lukewarm water.  Add a couple drops of mild shampoo or baby shampoo and agitate your latex in it.  Afterwards, rinse it well with cool water, so that no shampoo remains. Put it on a hanger (wooden or plastic) and let it air dry out of direct sunlight.  Make sure you turn the garment inside out to dry both sides thoroughly.  Don't store the garment if any part of it is still wet.


      As previously noted, let your latex completely dry after you wash it.  Before storing, you can then either shine the garment inside and out with water based silicone oil or add some talcum on the inside.  Do not use baby powder.  When storing, be careful with light colored, white and transparent garments.  It is recommended that these hang in a clothing bag.  Colored latex will bleed onto those colors when hanging close to each other.

      If you have a blouse or shirt with metal buttons, don't hang it next to any latex garment.  Clothing bags are inexpensive and are a good investment to protect your latex garments from other items in your closet.  Just remember not to mix colored latex with lighter latex garments together.

      Shining and Preparing your Latex

      To bring out your latex's glossy shine, use a water based silicone oil. Put a little amount of the oil in your hands and rub it slightly into the latex.  This can be done either when wearing the garment or when preparing it for storage.  The silicone oil helps prevent the latex from drying out.  A lot goes a long way, so take your time.

      You can also use the water based silicone oil as dressing aid, making it easier to put on the latex garment.  Rub a small amount of the oil on your body and slip easy into the latex!  If you cant get in it, well then you need a little more silicone oil or powder!  Just make sure you don't mix the silicone oil with the talcum powder.

      Some common products include:

      • Black Beauty Latex Shine (Doxy Couture recommended)
      • Pjur cult
      • Vivishine
      • SkinTwo serum