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Caring for Vinyl/PVC Clothing

PVC material (Polyvinyl Chloride) is made up of cotton-poly with a layer of Vinyl fabric poured on the top. This Vinyl can be colored during the manufacturing process resulting in the wide array of vibrant normally “plastic” kind of coloring you know, really like and associate with PVC. Additionally, further manufacturing methods were formulated in order to make it possible for matte/shiny finishes to PVC.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid organic solvents, including nail polish remover and nail polish varnish, at all costs.  These solvents will certainly ruin your garment
  • Fire.  Yes, this seems obvious, but cigarette lighters and grills (yes we've seen photos) are dangerous around your PVC garment.

Washing your PVC/Vinyl

  • Cleaning PVC is not as much a big deal as you would think, given that PVC Clothing isn’t typically put on for extended lengths of time and thus hardly ever becomes soiled as such.

  • In most cases, a damp sponge or cloth will certainly revitalize and sufficiently clean the clothing for its subsequent outing. In addition, quite a few people have adopted spraying a little Frebreeze inside his or her PVC garments to “freshen up”.

  • However, inevitably, your PVC clothes will demand much more than a brief sponge down at some time. It’s highly advised that in this situation you can hand wash the garment in lukewarm or tepid water using a small volume of liquid cleaning agent.

  • Remember, to always rinse right after any soap is used. Drying out PVC material is comparatively straight forward. This may seem obvious but at some point many of us forget that a particular item has a little PVC in it.  PVC MUST NEVER be put in a clothes dryer or even blow dried. It WILL melt. Hang the clothes up on the right hanger and allow it to drip dry by natural means.


  • Storage of your PVC garments is actually an important thing to consider in guaranteeing perfect care. ALWAYS keep on their own in garment carriers. PVC material could bond to other natural cotton clothes and also to itself.

  • Make sure the location where you hang the garment is not too warm and is away from natural light, since this could result in melting.