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Delivery Info

For shipments within the United States, we utilize both UPS and United States Postal Service for our shipping needs.  Several options are typically available for transit times, ranging from standard ground to express overnight delivery.

We utilize UPS and USPS Global Delivery Service to meet the needs of our international customers.
For all shipments that are exported outside of the United States, any applicable brokerage, duty or taxes is the responsibility of the consignee. Couriers require a physical address where a signature can be obtained.
You should be aware that customs officials of any country have the authority to, and may open packages for inspection. XTC Apparel cannot accept responsibility for any orders confiscated or seized by any customs department. Please be aware that XTC Apparel will not issue refunds or credits for seized items that are not returned to us.

XTC Apparel is required by law to include a description of the contents on all shipments leaving the United States. Our descriptions are truthful but generic.
XTC Apparel has the right to postpone, cancel or investigate further any order or shipping address deemed suspicious.  If your order requires any further action by XTC Apparel, you will be notified via email address used when placing order.  If your email address "bounces" or we receive a notice that the email address you used is invalid, your order will automatically be placed on hold for 14 days or until you contact us.  After 14 days, the order will be canceled.
International orders that have substantially different billing and shipping addresses are subject to a 7 day security hold provision.  These orders are placed on hold to ensure the transaction is not fraudulant.
In 2008, we added a policy restricting sales to customers who utilize freight forwarding companies (FFC) as the middle man for receiving these orders.  These customers are almost always exclusively located outside the United States and Canada.  Based upon our own detailed investigation, we found that between 2005 and 2008, 96.5% of our sales that were shipped to freight forwarding companies were fraudulant and cost our company thousands of dollars.
Upon receiving an order, shipping and billing addresses and are automatically cross-checked against more than 500 freight forwarding companies' addresses.  Customers who utilize a FFC will have their order immediately canceled.